Plastic Surgery comes from the Greek word ‘plastikos’, which means to mold or give form. This includes Reconstructive Surgery, which repairs deformities, and Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery which enhances appearance.

Emotional stability is an important factor before any Aesthetic Surgery is undertaken. While surgery can reshape you, it cannot reshape your life. Aesthetic surgery can improve your appearance and renew your self-confidence, but it is no substitute for good nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. The result will be improvement – not perfection.

Why Cosmetic Surgery? Since time immemorial, man has been seeking physical perfection. Improvement in physical appearance boosts self confidence, improves body image, elevates mood, and leads to a positive, self assured, outgoing human being, who appeals to the world, but most importantly, appeals to oneself.

Although the decision to have Cosmetic Surgery may be governed by various factors such as need, indication, and cost, the most crucial factor to be considered is the choice of surgeon. It is absolutely vital to choose an experienced surgeon, whose qualifications are unimpeachable, who is affiliated with state of the art medical establishments, and is able to develop total rapport with the patient. Only then can the outcome of surgery be satisfying.

Today, advanced surgical techniques and safe anaesthesia, coupled with modern hospital facilities, make Cosmetic Surgery an economical and easily available option that can change outward appearance, bring about inner peace, and a sense of total mental and physical well being.

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