Why Cosmetic Surgery in India

India is fast becoming a favourite destination for cosmetic surgery with the influx of international patients almost doubling every year.

There are multiple reasons for this phenomenon.

  • Cosmetic Surgery is not usually covered by health insurance and so becomes an expensive proposition.

  • Indian plastic surgeons combine immaculate qualifications , intensive training and vast experience with a high level of technical expertise.

  • Indian hospitals conform to international standards offering state of the art facilities .

  • World class surgery is offered at highly competitive rates.

  • Tourism : India remains one of the premier destinations of the world and surgery can be combined with a holiday, which also serves as a window period for recovery .

  • Anonymity of the patient is completely preserved .

Special Services Offered
  • Transport to and from the airport is included in the Package

  • Help in choosing hotels in the city

  • Access to reputable travel agencies in case further travel in India is desired

  • Private nursing for the duration of hospital stay at the patients own cost
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