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Blepharoplasty ( 'Eyelid Bags', 'Puffy Lids' )

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct upper or lower eyelid problems that are a result of aging. These include excess or loose skin of the upper lid hanging down and obscuring the natural fold of the upper lid and sometimes getting in the field of vision, or puffy upper lids that give a tired, or Oriental look to the eyes. In the lower lid one could have loose, wrinkled skin or bags of fat that protrude under the skin, that add years to the face or give it a depressed look . It is often performed as a part of a facial rejuvenation procedure.

The operation

For the upper lid, I place the incision in the normal fold that we all have, and the excess skin and fat is removed through this, thereby leaving behind no evidence of the surgery. For the lower lid, I use an incision close to the eyelash border with a tiny extension into one of our normally existing smile lines at the outer end of the eyes .This incision once again leaves behind only a very imperceptible trace of the surgery, which fades as time goes by.


Local anaesthesia with sedation is fine if blepharoplasty is being performed as a separate procedure, but General anaesthesia may be used if it is a part of a longer procedure like a face lift..

Hospital stay

As a stand alone operation, day care is sufficient. If part of another facial procedure, appropriate hospital stay will be recommended, generally 48 to 72 hrs.


Patients who smoke are at a risk of necrosis of skin edges leading to poor scars. Patients on blood thinners must be warned to hold medications for at least 48 hrs prior to surgery. Excessive straining in the immediate post-operative period can cause a collection of blood under the skin.

Post-operative care

The patient is moved to a room with a cold, wet pack over the eyes to minimize bleeding and swelling. This process must continue at home if the patient is being discharged. Eye drops and ointments are prescribed, as are antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines. Follow up is at 48 hrs. and then on the 5th day for stitch removal.

What to expect

Swelling and bruising around the eyes, and sometimes in the eye itself is normal, and will resolve by itself in about 2 weeks. The eyes may water. In the early post-operative period, some asymmetry may be apparent due to unequal swelling.


Blepharoplasty has the effect of making the whole face appear rested, refreshed and alert and patients are usually happy for several years post-surgery.

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