Case 1 Before

Case 1 After

Congenital Hairy Naevus

This is a pigmented hairy lesion present from birth . It can occur anywhere on the body. Besides causing cosmetic disfigurement,It has a potential to turn malignant.


This can vary from chemical peels,dermabrasion ,laser surgery or formal excision with closure,skin grafting , tissue expanders or flaps.Treatment depends on the age of th ptient,size and location of the naevus and the chances of it turning malignant.


Depending on the size and site of the lesion and the age of the patient, it can be done under local or general anaesthesia.

Hospital stay

Could vary from daycare to 4 days.


Infection, inability to excise all of the lesion with good cosmetic results,recurrence and bad scarring could all take place.

Post-operative care

Depending on the mode of treatment,antibiotics ,care of the wound ,a full follow up with the treating doctor and photographic follow up over a long period is called for.

What to expect

If complicated surgery is required,depending on the site and size of the lesion then some pain and immobilization in the post operative phase is o be expected.


This depends entirely on the size and site of lesion and the skill of the surgeon. Small leions are usually removed with a barely discernible scar whereas larger lesions leave behind a visible scar, though this si almost always an improvement on the original appearance.

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