Malar Augmentation ( 'Cheek Implants' )

High cheekbones are not only considered desirable, but actually constitute a very definite facial feature in a youthful face. Sometimes, it can be used as a quick fix in a patient keen on rejuvenation, yet unwilling for a face lift.

The operation

The operation is performed through an incision very close to the margin of the lower lid. I use this approach because I find that I can place the implant very specifically at a spot that I find appropriate, and fix it there without worrying about migration of the implant.


Local Anaesthesia with sedation is quite adequate for the procedure. General Anaesthesia may be used for the over-anxious patient.

Hospital stay

This is performed as day care surgery.


None, as long as the patient is well motivated.

Post-operative care

After discharge, the follow up is once in 3 to 4 days. Stitch removal is after a week. Only direct injury would matter.

What to expect

A week or less of unexpected swelling. Implants, being foreign bodies, evoke a body response in the form of swelling, quite out of proportion to the surgery.


Generally gratifying! One must be prepared for very mild, periodic discomfort, especially during season changes.









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