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Ptosis or drooping eyelid may be present from birth or as a result of old age or diseases like muscle or nerve diseases or a tumour.. Most people wish for corrective surgery for cosmetic reasons though if left untreated it could cause loss of vision in both the affected eye -because of degeneration and the the other eye-because of overwork.

The operation

After determining the cause of the ptosis and treating the underlying disease, I do the operation which involves lifting the muscle of the upper eyelid .It is a delicate operation and requires fine surgical skills .


Though most of my patients are done under local anaesthesia with sedation some may need general anaesthesia.

Hospital stay

Usually one or two days of hospital stay is enough .


As withal surgery, infection can always occur. Recurrence and loss of vision if surgery is too delayed coul also take place.

Post-operative care

The wound is to be treated with due respect by the patient taking care not to expose the operated eye to trauma or infection. The surgeons instructions are to be followed faithfully.

What to Expect

There is some discomfort in the operated eye which lasts no longer than a couple of days which is well controlled by antibiotics. The dressing hs to be kept on till the surgeon instructs.


The earlier the surgery is done the better the results. Usually the results are gratifying though there may still be a discrepancy between the two eyes.

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