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Rhytidectomy ( 'Face Lift' )

Rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure for aesthetic facial rejuvenation. It aims at getting rid of signs of aging like jowls, deep wrinkles in the cheeks, or drooping of the highlight areas of the cheekbones. It also aims at tightening loose neck skin, the commonly called 'turkey neck'. It can be combined with procedures to get rid of 'eye bags' and loose skin on the upper lid. One could also use liposuction to get rid of excess fat on the cheeks or a double chin.

The operation

There are several variations in the incisions that can be taken, all equally useful. The incision generally starts just above the ear, then in front of it hidden in the natural contour of the ear, then extends around the earlobe and back into the hairline. Minor variations are made on a case to case basis to suit individual needs. Occasionally a small incision may be required under the chin to rejuvenate that area. From this access, the facial skin is lifted off from the underlying structures , the muscles are tightened, excess fat is taken away by liposuction, excess skin is excised and stitches are carefully placed so as not to cause prominent scarring.


General or local anaesthesia with sedation are used depending on the patients choice.

Hospital stay

Patients are mostly discharged the day after surgery, after removing a small drain that is placed under the skin at the time of surgery.


Damage to the facial nerve is a serious complication, though it rarely occurs in experienced hands. Patients who smoke are at a risk of necrosis of skin edges leading to poor scars. Patients on blood thinners must be warned to hold medications for at least 48 hrs prior to surgery.

Post-operative care

Dressings are taken off at 48 hrs and the patient may be allowed to shower the same day. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed. An ointment must be applied on the stitches after washing them with soap and water. Sutures are generally removed after a week. In case of submental liposuction, a chin corset is advised.

What to expect

Swelling and bruising are usual in variable amounts, especially if a blepharoplasty has also been done. Reduction in sensations on the face is temporary. Minor asymmetry between the two sides can be expected as a result of unequal swelling on the sides and should not cause alarm.


Most patients are surprised by the lack of pain and discomfort and their rejuvenated faces always bring about a change in their dressing as much as in their attitude.

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